Get the best therapeutic treatments to cure your addictions

To start receiving the therapeutic treatments that will help the patient cure their addiction, we recommend that the relatives send that loved one in the first flight in the morning so that you can start in the company of the other people who are admitted to the treatment in the morning of the following day, which starts at about 9:00 and is ideal for the patient to rest and sleep very well in his new home to be made to the idea that will have to be on that site as calm for the rest of the month, which is the duration of the treatment.

Although the time that will be in these houses of rehabilitation is usually based on the addiction, the truth is that depends on the patient and the their will to get better, but the average is a full month as the duration of the treatment, although this does not mean that he may not end up having to stay longer. Well the first therapy begins with one of the three detox methods of the body, here doctor’s specialists in nutrition and natural medicines indicate the custom menu to each one of the patients to begin changing their eating habits and in this way to detoxify the body.

After we continue with the Initiation: This is the part where we will know the true reality of the participants. How well we know patients with different motives and intentions, then at this point it is very important that patients are aware of the end and the nature of their real intentions and can from today. All this you can see on our official web site we are sure that you will love everything you are going to find, which will help to motivate you to see that there is still hope to retake the course of your life and the lives of the loved one who suffers because of their addictions.

Then we continue with the step of opening up to a new vision of addiction, because we must remember that the patient’s addiction to the search of something deeper inside, the search for an existential meaning. Thus it is that we will teach them by means of therapies to get rid of the stigma of the addict so they can begin with the liberation and empowerment of his own life. Here the patients will receive the best therapeutic treatments to cure their additions.

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