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Help a Diabetic by Selling your Extra Test Strips for Cash Selling diabetic strips for cash is legal and a lot of people do not know this. If diabetics have extra strips or do not know what to do with them, instead of throwing them away, they can get cash for these. People sell their unused diabetic test strips for different reasons. If a diabetic orders test strips from mail order companies, they are sent several boxes of these which they cannot all use for themselves and so they are left with plenty of extra strips. Some people also change testing requirements so they don’t need to test as often, and sometimes their doctors even change the prescription to a different brand. If you no longer need testing then you will be left with a lot of extra diabetic test strips. You can also be left with unused test strip when your diabetic loved one dies and is no longer there to use them. Aside from these, there are many other reasons who there are diabetics who have extra test strips at home. You benefit another diabetic and yourself if you decide to sell your extra test strips. If you ask buyers why they buy these extra test strips, they will have different reasons for doing so. Making profit is perhaps the most common reason why companies buy extra test strips. Some do it to help diabetics who cannot afford to purchase them at the regular price from the pharmacy because their insurance does not cover them. For those who don’t have insurance, these test strips donate by kind people help them a lot. No matter to whom you are selling your extra test strips to, the test strips reach the hands of people who need them at a discount.
Tests Tips for The Average Joe
If you want to sell your test strips, make sure that you are selling it to a reputable company that you can mail your diabetic test strips to and be paid in cash. You should find one in just a few minutes of search – companies and individuals that will buy your diabetic test strips and there are even those who will reimburse your shipping cost.
The Essential Laws of Strips Explained
If you are going to sell your test strips, make sure that you the box is unopened and non-damages and that the expiration date is still six months away. There will still be people who will buy test strips even if it is only three months to the expiration date, but they will usually ask for a discount for this. Some will even buy those coming with damaged boxes and will also pay less for it. It is your decision whether you will sell your extra test strips or not. Always remember that every test strip you sell will help someone in need and every test strip you throw will help increase the volume of your landfill.