Making Small Changes for a Healthier Life

When New Year’s Day rolls around, people begin making resolutions. Often, these resolutions revolve around improving their health. In a very short period of time, however, they have forgotten these resolutions or have given up on them. The reason for this is people state they wish to do something, yet never make a plan of how they are going to accomplish their goal. When a resolution is broken down into small steps, however, the goal becomes easier to achieve. For those who want to live a healthier life, for example, changing one habit a week or month can make a huge difference in the span of one year. .

The majority of individuals don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables. When going to the grocery store, be sure to add items to the list that are appropriate for smoothies. Upon returning home, make up seven bags for smoothies and put them in the freezer. Every morning, get up and pull a bag out of the freezer. Take a shower to allow the items in the bag to thaw slightly and then make the smoothie in a blender. Doing so ensure more fruits and vegetables are eaten every day and a healthy breakfast has been consumed.This is actually like making two positive changes in the same time frame.

Finding the time to exercise is something many people struggle with. Consider buying a fitness tracker to monitor the number of steps taken each day. Take the steps more often or park farther away from the building when going to work to increase the step count. When visiting with a friend in person, continue walking in place to raise the step count also. If the average steps taken every day is 6,000, set a goal of increasing this to 7,000 the following month and then 8,000 until 10,000 steps, the recommended amount, are achieved regularly.

Establish both a time to go to bed and a time to wake up. Although it may not be easy to fall asleep at that time, stick with the times set out. Over time, the body becomes trained to go to bed at the set time and to wake up without an alarm. If this seems difficult, move the bedtime and wake up time by 30 minutes a week or month until the desired times are reached. These are only a few of many ways to make small changes, so get started today.